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Discernment information

Dear Church family,


We are in unknown territory.   And when in unknown territory, taking a moment to breathe, observe your surroundings and make an intentional plan is the best way forward.  To run or panic, or hunker down in fear only leads to more peril.   So, I want to invite you now:   breathe, pray, observe, listen and above all, let us obey God’s call on our individual lives.   If we do that, none of us will need to look back on this time with personal regrets.   


With that being said, we are moving towards having to make a very stark decision:   to stay United Methodist or disaffiliate and no longer be United Methodist.


There is more information out there than any one person can sort through.  In light of that, I want to give some information for us all to consider.  (Videos listed below)


As you do, keep asking this question:   


Where does God desire us to be?


What does God desire for us to do?


What decision will best help us live out God’s mission in the world?


So prayerfully consider the videos below.

NOTE:   We share all the videos above not with the intent of “pick one side” and tear the other side a part. Instead this will help you see the reality we are in. 


We will meet again for some more discussion on February 26th after church - which will be a combined service  that day so all can simply stay afterwards.


The leadership agreed last night to have the vote.   It seemed to us that WE need to make this decision, not just a few that represent the many to make this decision.   So the vote is on March 12th at 3:00 pm


Only members can vote, if you are not for sure if you are member, please contact me ASAP.  If you are have been putting off becoming a member, talk to me also.


Please if you have any questions or concerns, me or one of the members of the leadership team.




Kevin Parido

Phyllis Volz

Chris Shearer

Bruce Cleavenger 

Shannon Rees

Lisha Morguson 

Christy Crase

 Message from Bishop Fairley regarding disaffiliation and discernment:


Rob Renfro - a pastor from Texas who represents the new Global Methodist Church.  This will give you a good picture of how the traditionalists see the UMC.  (6 videos)

List This is a series of 6 videos from Adam Hamilton.    He is more of centrist in the conversation but a proponent of staying UMC.    His videos are in direct response to Rob’s videos above.  (6 videos also)


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